Independent Living

With adulting, we humans start feeling that we need more space and fewer interruptions in our lifestyle. Therefore, we at Foremost Seniors have primarily focussed on providing our senior citizens the best of independent living. We try to understand the basic requirements of all our senior citizens, the independence they want, the dependency they want to get rid of, and the companionship they are longing for. Our independent living helps the old folks connect with like-minded people, engage in the activities they want to, and pamper themselves with the facility and services they desire for all at one place. While in Foremost Seniors, our retired seniors feel at home and camaraderie with less worry and more peacefulness and happiness.

Gourmet Meals

Foremost Seniors work with the mission to provide the best time of life to our seniors after their retirement, and every human being understands that good food is the cause of good mood. Moreover, with the growing age, our senior citizens have become more selective regarding their food. They easily get depressed if they have to compromise on their food’s tastes. Therefore, we bring them super healthy, high-quality, and nutritious food of different cuisines. Our chefs are highly skilled and given proper training to prepare the right food for our seniors with the correct balance of health and taste and prepare food for adults with a specially prescribed diet chart. Thus, whether you are a resident or have come for a short-term stay with Foremost Seniors, you are assured of getting the best taste and high-quality gourmet meals.

Assisted Living & Personal Care

Adulting brings with it many health issues. Some health issues make adults unable to perform their daily activities like bathing, cleaning, dressing, or even needing help with medications. Hence, Foremost Seniors provides its seniors with assisted living and personal care services in every adult's budget. We provide our seniors caregivers according to their needs; an adult who needs 24x7 assistance will get the staff for 24 hours onsite. If any adult needs medically trained assistance, they will get a specially trained caregiver for that particular medical reason. Thus, when living with Foremost Seniors, you get the best-assisted living and personal care service with the complete independence to spend your time the way you want.

Daily Activities

Foremost Seniors is a community built for our senior citizens. Therefore, all the plans and activities are based on the interest of the seniors. We have this awesome service of daily activities where we engage our seniors in super fun and exciting activities which they enjoy. Moreover, we have various types of tasks and activities involved in the daily activity charts based on the different interests of our seniors, like devotional activity, onsite and off-site activities, indoor and outdoor common recreational activities, and many more. Furthermore, all our activities are structured concerning our seniors, their interests, capabilities, and involvement.

Alzheimer’s & Memory Care

Alzheimer's and memory disease slowly become over-exhausting for the person taking care of the senior suffering from the same. Sometimes, the caregiver loses his/her patience which eventually reflects through the health of the disease sufferer. Therefore, Foremost Seniors provides trained caregivers for your seniors who have Alzheimer's and memory disease. Our caregivers will take care of all the needs of your aging adults and even help them with on-time medication needs, exercises, and other assistance needed. In addition, you can always choose our assisted living services for any of the adults you know who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease or need memory care.

Skilled Nursing Through Hospice

Hospice causes extreme pain and stress to retired adults, and they need extra help to get treated efficiently. Therefore, the Foremost Seniors team provides our seniors suffering from hospice specially trained caregivers who will dedicatedly work towards improving patients’ life quality by reducing the symptoms and stress caused by the disease. They will develop customized plans to help the patient in pain management and consult with their doctor for the right therapy you need and the medicinal supplies they require. Our hospice care includes physical therapy, dietary assistance, and therapeutic massage. Get skilled nursing through hospice service with Foremost Seniors.

Rehabilitative Care Through Home Health Agency

With adulthood, people start losing their original strength, mobility, and function because of several reasons like an old injury, illness, or life-altering medical events like stroke. Foremost Seniors provide you with a well-equipped rehabilitative care center for seniors needing physical, occupational, or speech-language therapy through a home health agency. Our skilled service providers help the seniors regain their strength and ability to perform their daily activities and live their old age happily and with maximum independence. Our rehabilitative care includes pain management, social services, prescribed medical treatments, and assistance with activities of daily living like bathing, grooming, or eating. With Foremost Seniors, you can combine your rehabilitative care with assisted living and personal care to get complete assistance for your seniors.

Luxurious Amenities

The residents of Foremost Seniors get access to various luxury amenities. We comfort our seniors with indoor common areas, on-site activities, swimming pools or hot tubs, on-site devotional services, off-site activities, on-site beauticians, and several other facilities. We have analyzed and understood that seniors need various degrees of help as they get old but still want to feel independent. Therefore, we bring to them various luxurious amenities which will make their daily work easy and make them feel like they are getting the royal treatment and feel independent. Thus, our luxurious amenities are structured and developed to make our senior citizens much more independent and capable and thus boost their happiness.

Short-Term Stay & Respite Care

Foremost Seniors is developed to help our senior citizens with all the types of relief and care we can give them. We not just provide these amenities and other care services to our permanent residents but also provide to the seniors who are living happily with their families but need short-term relief or temporary emergency care. With Foremost Seniors, you can send your family seniors to stay with us for a short duration and get the service they need. In addition, our trained staff and caregivers will help your seniors get back to their good health as early as possible with utmost care. Thus, send your senior adults to Foremost Seniors for the required duration and get rest assured about them.